Come in for the snake... stay for the whole crazy build !

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    Now that you've seen it and heard it, you might as well check the text too. I know it's a scary crazy cool ''something'' so the immediate reaction is/was  to check the photos. Can't remember exacly if at the end of 2016 or beg. of 2017 when my friend Joe Pisacone sent me the above photo (or mentioned me) on Instagram I immediately bookmarked this to share with the rest of the class. I'm terrible at reminding things so ... ma bad. But it happens now.

   ''Medieval One'' as it's called, it's a radical hot rod (?!) built by Aj Bohata, the man behind the custom chop shop Bohata Design Inc. If you think it looks like a medieval knight helmet on a truck/rod base, well... that's pretty much what it is ! It even opens like a (real) helmet.  Aj went far and beyond with the in-house made parts.

''The chassis is laser cut from 2x4x3/16-wall rectangular tubing, jigged up and TIG-welded in-house. Up front, Medieval One uses a traditional drop axle with radius rods and a transverse monoleaf, while the rear axle uses air-ride suspension with stainless-steel axes flanking the wishbones.'' - via Hot Rod Magazine  (Yeah since I finally remembered about the build HRM also did an article about it. *self slap . Check their article here )

    The beautiful, beautiful snakes took over 900 TIG welds for each stainless steel header to be made... I bet it took a long time to be made and a lot of patience. They give sound to the Weiand 6-71 supercharged, 355ci small-block V8. All around the Medieval One, from the blower pulley to the grille and the headlights, the level of detail is simply crazy. And oh yeah, one-off custom rims ! The cannon set in the back (...) is just for show for now, blowing CO2. The Vintage Air A/C inside is a cool touch too. Basic interior cause really, nobody cares about that. And of course, every medieval hot rod needs a metal mohawk. ''Entire hawk TIG welded. Sheet metal.0625 to keep the weight down.'' -via Bohata's Insta

    I fuckin love it to be honest. Because everybody gets crazy from time to time, but it's the coolest when metal guys do it ! The ''black wind, fire and steel'' phrase on the top of the air intake is a verse from the heavy metal ManOwaR band's track,  ''The power of thy sword''. Bet you didin't know that mister Hot Rod Magazine editor , huh ? Hahaha
   Too little too late but thank you very much for the tip Joe ! Promise I won't be such a slaker from now on.

   Bohata Design Inc Instagram
Photo credit Bohata / Blue Nose Studios

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