''I made the 1-1/4" bars, risers, mirror mounts, oil tank, gas tank, exhaust system, fender struts, top motor mount, much of the tailight and all foot controls.
Front end, front and rear brakes, rotors and rear pulley are from DNA.
93" S&S Panhead engine. Baker OD6 transmission, primary drive and clutch.
I did all the Bondo and paint work.
Front half of the frame is 1974 and rear is welded on using new axle castings from rigid Pan frames.''
-Doug Coffey

      Check out Doug Coffey's chopper. It's sex on wheels if you ask me !
 If you're not an avid dWrenched reader you might not remember the interview I did a few years ago with my friend Doug. He's a walking chopper encyclopedia and one of the 70's custom chopper painters so check the interview, here. Thanks for the cool photos D :)

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