Just perfect...     

   Back in February, you contacted me on Facebook with an interest about posting my '53 on your website (a REALLY fuckin' cool one, at that). Thanks for the interest. My only frame off build, I started in '03 with a rolling shell, and started driving it in '07. I did everything on the car except the build the '59 283, and the '64 powerglide. The only sheet metal work I had done before attempting the 4" chop, were some rust patches.

   Says Klurich from Iowa, USA, about his '53 chopped Chevy in his email sent to me. This was way back in June. Man I can'y even believe I forgot about this sexy kustom. Only to make it justice... now. Not too kustom , not too vintage. Just perfect.

      Thank you for the cool words and photos K !

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