I’ll be honest when I started this project I just wanted to transfer the burning desire I had in my mind into something tangible and material.

      The silence comes from finding a starting point, all it takes is a few of the right parts for the right price.


     I loaded up the bike and headed out to some backroads near my house, strapped on an old helmet that I relined, fueled it up with a concoction of methanol and nitromethane and just let it go. It reminded a lot of testing the KTM land speed racer, the smell, the sound and the feel of being aboard a 66 year old machine was something else. I tried launching it in first gear but the clutch would nip up pretty damn quickly, I figured second would be faster and slowly gained confidence in its ability, it was fast!

   Wanted to feature this very cool drag racing T100 because it's so cool and I can only imagine how ''fun'' it is... And because wtf not.  ''Who knew'' you can do so much with so little, right ?!

1951 Triumph T100 built by Nigel at Engineered to Slide. The man behind some pretty cool projects; including a wild drift truck and a super cool Bonneville racer :

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