This is what happens when...

 This is what happens when you put together a very talented photographer with a very traditional, no BS hot rod shop in a magic place such as Bonneville Slat Flats.

My french friend Jean Paul Defay had the opportunity of attending the Speed Week this year at Bonnie and teamed up with the Greenfield (world-known by now) hot rod shop, Rolling Bones.

    What came out of this clash you can admire below... Enjoy !

      I spend/t quite a lot of time eyeballing these superb photos of these superb rods. An seriously, I can't figure out which is my favorite. Hot rod or photo...

If you'll share any of these please give credit to my friend. Links below. One thing is for sure... I have this song ringing in my head every time I look over these; it's ''I Gotsta Get Paid'' by ZZ Top.
(Look it up and you'll agree with me in a sec)

    Jean Paul Defay Photography. Facebook  / Instagram.
 Rolling Bones website.

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