Candy ass, no-blocking bitches!  -Tony D'Amato , Any Given Sunday.

   Evey now and then, this cool bike pops-up in my daily internet wild chase of cool bikes. From some sort of Blog, Instagram post or god-knows what obscure Tumblr. And every time I stop and look at it and how well-proportioned it is. No BS, just a cool little mean machine.
     Signs that I should post it up.

     “I had two wheels, a frame and an engine—and little idea where to start. (...) There were no hardtails available for the oil-in-frame models so I couldn’t get the basic rolling chassis going. Then Peter (Triumph specialist) found a complete 1969 Bonneville, minus its engine.”

        “Once the parts were in my hands, things started to get moving, Tiago of OneOne Customs taught me how to weld, and I got cracking on the seat, chain tensioner and oil tank mounts.”

     1969 Triumph Bonneville bobber by Justin Steyn ''Justiflied'' in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Bolt-on hardtail Choppahead 4” stretch, 2” drop
Handmade oil tank
Vincent taillight
Biltwell seat
Amal carbs
Leatherman D seat and leather battery cover

   Justin's Instagram, here. The whole BikeExif story from where I pulled off the quotes, here.
In the meantime, he built another cool racer, covered by ''Return of the Cafe Racers'' here.
Thank you very much for the photos Justin !

And since I'm a fan of the build-up photos, here are some :

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