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   Box39co is an industrial custom shop from Saint Petersburg/Russia specialised in euro-style custom motorcycle production. ''And stuff'' they say... like custom bike components.
What makes them special is their decision on stepping out their comfortable zone and just went balls to the walls with this crazy design.

   This is the custom ''lowrider'' project Guido, that will be signed up in the AMD World Championship, this year in December. The project is named after Guido Reni, an Italian painter of high-Baroque style. He painted primarily religious works, as well as mythological and allegorical subjects.-says Wiki
Anyway, Guido's silhouette reminds me of those art deco-streamline designed vehicles featured in the ''Batman the animated series''.
Check the Batmobile for instance !

   Guido is a joined project between the Box39co workshop and the company Abamet, the leading supplier of metal working machines.
The whole motorcycle is designed and built from scratch. And when you have something else around it, either a person or a stock motorcycle, you can literally conclude how big it actually is. Like, really big. The huge 30 inches front wheel is 3D CNC-machined. The huge propeller look-a-like wheel is the main focus of the whole concept, the rest of the design being wavy and ''calm'', almost zen. The rear one is 17 inches, also custom built but tucked away under the hull.
   The hull of Guido stretches from way up in the front from the neck way down till the rear end, as a single, humongous, metal component. As you can imagine, that took a lot of metal fabrication and metal shaping. It will be powered by some electric engine but for now, that's all I could find out. Because, well... Russian.
   The build-up photos made me remember instantly of another high quality / ''bit more'' serious and special project, the Bloodhound SSC. Looks like these guys really know what they're doing...

    Once Guido will be completely done and in full motion, it will have that floating effect...
Something I am looking forward to check out.

 The video below shows how cool the whole mammoth front side spins around. In fact, the whole fab process is being documented by the Box39co online, via their uTube channel. Episode by episode you can see the progress made and how Guido comes to completion. Watch the latest episode below the Instagram video.

   Guido is a conceptual motorcycle that more than sure will amaze and blow away the public and juries at the AMD show.
   Since it's still a work in progress, there are still many things to be done. But I see this build making Box39co shop popular worldwide.

To be continued !

  Photo credit : Box39co
uTube build -up episodes.
Website / Instagram

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