Methanol burning 90' Harley Davidson Knucklehead. 
Handbuilt in Stockholm, Sweden, by Vardhalla.
For Born Free 9 in 2017.

''Brought out The OHVL today for a some further testing & tuning. I finally got to the point where I run it on 100% Alcohol. The fuel system on this bike is the size of a garden hose so I went straight from .070" main jets all the way up to .100" and also advanced the magnetos just a tad more - so I now believe I found the very 'sweet spot' and the motor runs stronger than ever; I take off in second gear and the bike still wants to leave the ground! ...which is good, but the down side is that the bike will rev out too quick in 4:th gear. So I'm gonna start experementing with different gear ratios next, but for now I'll just have a few beers and stare at it for a bit ...good times.''
-Insta post from Vardhalla, on June 29th, 2017.

Photos by Boon Photography / Vardhalla / Roller Magazine
More of Vardhalla via Facebook or Instagram

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