''Although he also has a pretty sweet old school Chevy Truck prior to this project, this Delray was the very first car Andre has ever worked on rebuilding and restoring himself. He doesn’t have the crazy wrench time as a lot of other gear heads so when I hear that he did most of this work by himself, while also running a business and rebuilding his new home at the same time, it sounded like he was a super human. It wasn’t smooth sailing during the 5-6 years it took him to get the car to this state though. It almost killed him while bringing it home when he bought it due to no brakes (which the seller didn’t tell him about) and he’s had a few fires under the hood. 
     But despite the setbacks he kept working on it and now it’s a smooth running beast with a 350 under the hood. Although the car has never seen water, that doesn’t mean it’s a garage queen. Andre mobs this thing whenever he can. It was such a fun experience going to San Diego to shoot this piece of art, and I can’t wait to see where the next car will take me.'' 

    1954 Chevy Delray kustom owned by Andre.
Kustom paintjob by Hot Dog.

Photo credit and many thanks to Jimmy Ban for sucha cool material ! Above quote also by Jimmy.
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