Oh yeah !
  Been a fan of this steampunk, gory abomination for quite a while, a few years in fact. Abomination, in a good way...
 And thanks to Alex Hawn who shot some pretty cool photos at the end of July at the Wasteland Car Show, a Mad Max style event, I can now post it up.  TractoMoto it's the crazy creation of my friend Marco Ibarra, who runs the El Diablo Moto Shop in California.
   Asked Marco for few details about the ...bike. Here goes...

    ''1980  Honda CB650. All custom made, from front wheel to rear wheel.
No money so made all out of scrap metal left over at the shop. Custom intake four-into-one with an s&s carburetor, 1920’s oil lamp used as head light. Custom shoot glass used as a tail light, custom springer seat, frame made by El Diablo, 23 inch front tire with custom springer front end, 16inch rear Harley rim with a snow tire just for giggles! Etc etc etc...''

Gotta say, I'm digging the steampunk-rat style of the bike. The cherry on top, the tractor tire, of course ! The chain sissy bar is a nice touch too.
Also found on Marco's Facebook some really cool photos of the TractoMoto accompanied by some really nice, or really ''bad'' girls for the Ashes Occult catalog shoot. Fyi, AshesOccult is a clothing line by Diego Ibarra, DevilDriver's bass player. Think that we will all enjoy the photos below.
   Thanks Marco !

     Marco's Facebook, here.
Wasteland Car Show photos above by Alex Hawn Photography
Ashes Occult
The Ashes Occult photos by Anabel ''DFlux'' via DeliquesceFlux.

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