''Angel of Death. 1958 FL1200. I bought a survivor Pan from Texas. Andy and Sav from Pacoima Choppers took it  apart and rebuilt the engine. We had a new Panhead frame built in Holland. I had drawn the bike so I went over to England to make the shapes of the moldings in cardboard. The actual moldings were done by Bas in London, NO BONDO, not one drop of bondo on the whole frame! This guy is an artist. 
   Andy and Sav built the other parts, sissy bar , light mount, engine mount, wheel spools, drag bar , etc. The tank is an original AEE batwing tank I bought in California and Andy modified it. I made the Reaper and Angel designs. Paint by Bean. Drag pipes made by Triumph Rory. 
   Front end came of the survivor. Risers were a present from Sav. Tail light was a present from Rob of Eat Dust. I went over to England 5 times to design the bike with Andy. Pacoima rules, Andy and Sav did a killer job.''

 ^This photo by Vinnie.

    ''Too many details to mention, gotta see it in real life. Bike was at the Assembly Show and featured in Dice.
Now I’m gonna look at it while I smoke a sigarette . Marlboro menthol light...''

 ^The survivor

 ^Designing the moldings

^Tank before modification

Words by (the owner) Vinnie Stones.
Very cool photos by Baron.
Paint by Bean
Pacoima Motorcycles on Facebook, here.

Many thanks to Vinnie and Baron for their input, appreciate it dudes!

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