Epic times with epic people. And epic motorcycles. 

   Finally I'm making time to post this very important page of my life. To keep it on the short, in mid October I decided to just hit pause on the stress of my daily job and travel across the world way Down Under to Brisbane / Australia and visit my good friend and hot rodder Kenton. Spent a wild and fun week there meeting the awesome crew and family of ''Notneks Club'' and also met along the way some very cool cats I now call my friends. Paul from Barons Moto Club and  Greg ''Lowballs''. Also enjoyed a VIP kustom kulture tour! I will leave this page out for now because I think (read I hope) those memories will end up in a book; or something...

 ^Love this ''think fast'' photo I took, love these guys. Kenny and Paul in the background and Greg, on the bike.

^Invercargill in one photo. 

   Anyway, from Brisbane the plan was to make the whole ''motorcycle enthusiast pilgrimage'' in Invercargill, New Zealand, for Burt Munro's Indian and the Motorcycle Mecca Museum. Besides the Indian, the E Hayes and Sons shop, the custodian of the motorcycle, has a vast moto collection as well. You can check it on my Flickr, here.

 From E Hayes I went on to Moto Mecca excited like a little kid and with a half charged battery on my phone. (Yeah I cheated a bit, ha!). Wasn't really prepared for what I was about to see... Let's just say that I could spend weeks in there. It's called ''Mecca'' for a reason!
   Motorcycle Mecca has so much of so many... Classics, vintage bikes, vintage mopeds, historic (racing) motorcycles. It's truly a destination for the hardcore motorcycle fan.
  After Invercargill trip was checked out from my (bucket) list, I flew to Auckland. There I ended up going to the Meremere Dragstrip and doing some other cool stuff. It was all possible thanks to some other top people like the Editor of NZV8 Magazine, Todd Wylie, and Richard Snow. Like I said, material for something greater, I hope. Cheers guys !
   Till then, enjoy and be blown away by what the Classic Motorcycle Mecca Museum has to offer.

 ^So much motorcycle racing history in one photo ! The (John) Britten Cardinal V1000cc and the Moriwaki Z1000 Kawasaki... Plus so many other racers.

^A ''sea'' of motorcycles... 

 ^The yellow 1926 Harley Davidson 1000 Racer, one of my favs.

^ Another one of my favs, 1948 Britten Triumph Tiger. 


   The space for features is pretty limited but you can check the whole photo gallery, here.
There is a video floating around on uTube by somebody who had the patience to video the bikes a bit more than me, check here.
Needless to say, by the time I left Motorcycle Mecca my phone was long gone dead hahaha
Hope you liked this article and if possible, you should definitely go and check the Mecca out. I left out a few cool details just so you could discover and enjoy them once you get there.
   More info via Transport World .

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