Mint Jelup Shovelhead chopper.

Originally built in the States by painter and builder Biff from Colorado.
Rebuilt by the owner, James Smith, a tattoo artist and owner of  Hard Luck Tattoo shop in UK, in the early-style chopper'' fashion after a car crash.

''Was originally built by Biff's Custom Shop, sold and imported by Tarquin, then I changed a few bits. Was on a 49 Pan title, I think. Standard cases. I put internal throttle, high mids and tidied up wiring and lights. I have since sold it.'' - James.

   I've been in love with this chop ever since I've seen it in the 13/5 Magazine no3, way back in 2017 I guess ?!
   Thank you very much to Sick from the magazine for puting me in contact with the photographer Amaury Cibot aka GonZo. And thank you GonZo for the whole rad photo gallery !

Chopper guys rule :)

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