Super excited to share with the rest of the class (a bit late I admit) that my awesome time spent down under in Australia and in New Zealand made it in the pages of one of my favorite car mags in the world, NZV8. And trust me, I do read many worldwide magazines so I would know. I do it just to be connected with what's cool and fresh (and old, like in hot rod or motorcycle history) around the globe.
   So if you're keen to read about my experiences and/or want to check out a very cool mag, go on line and get the magazine in print here or in online Pdf format, here. This is the March 2019 issue.

   A huge thank you to Todd Wylie for making the article thing possible and for considering my babble NZV8 worthy in a 6 page (6 pages !) article and also thank you to everybody involved ! Cheers guys.

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