If you're from the States (USA that is), you might never heard of Dima Golubchikov. But if you're from Russia or Europa and you're a bike fan, you might have heard of him as the winner of the AMD World Custombike Show2018  that was held last December in Germany. Zillers Custom Garage is his shop's name in Moscow, Russia.

  What brought Dima into the spotlight was the hand built Yamaha SR 400 called Insomnia, completely built by him, posted in the photo below. More photos, here

    Not to get side tracked here, let's bring back on focus Dima's latest creation.
Can't even imagine the amount of hours put into designing and hand fabricating this latest motorcycle of his. 
  To be honest, I talked to Dima a few days ago asking for more infos about the bike and he told me that he will share with me all the infos once the whole material (photos and an article) is complete. All I had to do was to wait a bit longer...

   But, and it's a big but, once I've seen the whole bike completed in a photo he posted just yesterday, I jumped the gun and decided to make this article.

   Talking about the huge amount of work put into designing, fabricating and even polishing this masterpiece, just take a look at the details and videos below.

   The wheels themselves are masterpieces on their own; with the brake rotors inside the wheel.
Check how beautifully the hand built front end works. All in all, the motorcycle is full of poetry and amazing details.
   This Cullinan of motorcycles embraces inside it's frame a gorgeous Vincent from 1954. It doesn't get more epic than this. It can't ! Amazing, absolutely amazing what dedication, a lot of hard work and a CNC can do.

    Because of ''life'' I missed posting Dima's Insomnia, but now, I'm on top of the game.
Will make sure to update this article once Dima has everything sorted out and will post more photos of the bike being completed. To be continued!

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