I had to jump on the same bandwagon with the rest of the moto-blogs and moto-websites to feature this one. But only because I like it.
   The Appaloosa was built by Brice Hennebert of Workhorse Speedshop out of Belgium. It is an Indian Scout Bobber purpose built sprint racing motorcycle commissioned by Indian Moto Europe to be piloted by legendary GP racer Randy Mamola in the Factory Class at The Reunion ( ''the coolest Italian motorcycle and lifestyle festival dedicated to cafe racer, special and classic'') within the Sultans of Sprint racing calendar in Monza, Italy.

I remember hearing about Brice a while ago. By then, he just finished building another awesome moto called Sakura, a Yamaha XSR700 he built and commissioned by Yamaha Europe. More of that one, here.

      Starting three or four years ago, there are two events that rose up in the press, partially moto-hipster orientated. Wheels and Waves and Sultans of Sprint. From what I could see, the Sultans have a pretty serious racing calendar and the builds that attend to this event have a really serious dose of power, craft and real racing pedigree with real riders and pilots. So I'll give more attention to The Sultans in the future.

   Another cool factor about The Appaloosa is that is honoring the Indian Scout's 100th anniversary. And, just like Brice says, I see some Munro Special in there as well. Chris of Bike Exif sees F-86 Sabre fighter jet, but that's ok (hahaha).

   They are not many front-side batfairing custom/racing bikes being built. One I can remember is the Lucky Cat Garage​ Sprintbeemer that was all over the internet a few years ago. If you don't know what I mean, click here. Since I'm not a BMW moto engine fan, I did not post that one. Yeah, cry me a river.
  Check what Brice has to say about his latest creation at the end of this photo set.

  Looking back to Appaloosa, like I said, I really like it. The Indian V-twin goes hand in hand with the aerodynamics of the fairing. Truth be told all the way, I'm not a big fan of the modern look of this Indian engine, either. Anyway, those 100hp's from stock sure mean a lot of fun inside this hand built rocket. Even though the engine itself was left alone, it features a direct intake, a racing Ecu and Power Commander. A Nitrous Oxide injection system was in order, too. That adds 30+ hp. 

 Aluminum sub-frame and body and hand built swing arm. What you see in the photos is the result of over 700 hours of design and fabrication. Many premium brands were involved in building this red foxy rocket. Like Öhlins for the adjustable suspension, Beringer for dual braking system and bar controls, Akrapovič for the custom built exhaust system.

 ^ You know I love ''naked'' photos. Photos via Brice's Instagram.

   The race itself was held two weekends ago, but still no outcome online of how the bike did in the race. Will have to ask Brice and update this article. To be continued...

Warkhorse Speedshop
 Instagram / Website

Photo credit for the first set Antoine Hotermans
Photo cred 2nd set Operation Panda
Photo cred for the 3rd set (last two photos) Luca Orsi

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