I can't believe I have stashed this epic material for seven years now and I never posted it up...
Never too late so, enjoy ! Photos and quote below via Tim Sutton's blog, way back when blogs were cool. The video should be checked out as well.
''The Lady bug and Fred Lobello

I fell in love with this lakester, it is so quirky and beautiful . I had the rare opportunity to meet Fred in Bonneville, and he is legit . been a hotrodder since he got home from the war and has been racing since. He is 90 years young and still doing it . I only hope I live that long and maintain the muster to do things like he does. On top of racing belly tanks on the salt he is restoring his 32 roadster that he bought before he went to wwII . Its a Beautiful thing .''

Untitled from Sutton Productions on Vimeo.

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