The minute I laid my eyes on Jeff Leighton's 1968 Shovelhead Harley Davidson at Born Free 10 last year I fell in love with it.
''Simple'' , clean and mean chopper.
As I was prepin' this post, I just learned about the extra in the backbone gas tank. That only makes it even cooler!

   The idea behind the bike was to build a clean straight forward chopper, but also have in function for longer rides. I want to ride it to the east coast and back. So I made the narrower Sportster tank (...). 
  And using it as a reference I made a secondary gas tank in the backbone/stress tube area. I started by cutting the stress tube and bottom half of the backbone off. I then took 1/4 plate and made the bottom part of the tank that fit the tanks tunnel nicely and went from the neck to the back of the tank. I then cut out side panels out of 1/4 plate and welded them in and metal finished them as best as I could. I made a gas filler and bored a hole in the neck casting that would access the new cavity. With it welded in place I notched the Sportster tank to fit around the filler and cap. I then made all of the mounts for the Sportster tank and installed the petcock bung. 
   The tricky part was then finding a good spot to put the bung for the frame tank. I made a longer thick tube that I drilled and welded into the back part of the backbone above the rear head, the tube runs back and down at the seat post tube where the second petcock sits. It was a ton of work but I’m super stoked on it and it should give me enough extra gas to get me out of a pinch.

     Built by Jeff at Wretched Hive with the help of Andy at Pangea Speed and ''Dragon''
Paint by Dave X

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