The ’32 Ford roadster, better known as the “Deuce” is an undisputed hot rod icon. This car, with its long, documented racing history, is one of the finest of all time. The Berardini Brothers racing team was virtually unbeatable at Los Angeles-area drag strips from Santa Ana and Saugus to Orange County and Colton. Pat and Tony owned the Gas and Fuel Street Roadster Championships from 1950–1955, setting track records wherever they ran. Painted jet black, with white flames, their cars were pinstriped by the legendary Kenneth Howard, better known as Von Dutch.

    Roger Morrison saw the “404” roadster at the Grand National Roadster Show in 2004 and said that he wanted to restore the car back to the way the Berardinis ran it. (...)
The full restoration took nearly two years, and the coming-out party was an emotional affair. When Pat Berardini climbed into his old car and fired it up, right in the NHRA Museum, the sharp crackle from the twin exhausts, and the engine’s healthy idle, left no doubt the old warrior was ready to take on all comers, just as he had, so long ago.

    1932 Ford "404 Jr." Roadster by Berardini Bros.

The full story on RM Sotheby's.
Photo credit Patrick Ernzen via RM Sotheby's.

PS: Love the photo below. In his driveway at San Raphael, California, Jeano Lacoste gets some welcome help from MaryLu Lacoste and their neighbor, Corrine. Courtesy of Lacoste Family

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