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  It's been a long time (too long yes, I know) since I've done one of these... A ''special'' that is. But finally this big thing came along and I just couldn't help myself.

   Ok, so after you're done with all your stoopid remarks involving Transformers and/or Mad Max, I think you'be ready for the story too.  It's called Thor 24 and it's the wild dream, probably the wildest, of Mike Harrah out of California. This once was an 1984-359 Crew Cab Semi Peterbuilt.

   As big and as scary as it looks, the custom 33 Ford aluminum grille is a piece of  art. It was fabricated in California by Marcel’s Custom Metal shop. The custom sun visor shaped like an  eagle's beak aggressive V is also a component I really enjoy looking at.
   Let's transfer our attention to the impressive zoom-zoom orchestra you see inside the chassis; and that's the engine... errrrr, engines. This custom semi is powered by twin 13.9 liter Detroit Diesel V-12 engines. Hence the 24 in the brackets at the beginning, 24 cylinders in total. This equals to about 1700 cubic inches! Attached, we have 12 superchargers and a NOS system.
   Thor is putting out about 3424 horsepower !

   The engine alone weights 10.000 pounds/4.5 tons from the total of 28.000 pounds or 14.5 tons of the truck. Total length is 44 feet long / 13.4 meters. Impressive as fuck numbers, I know. The engine is connected to an Allison HT740 transmission. Thor has a VanHool A-arm type suspension
system, used in buses and coaches. Custom chassis and Air Leaf suspension.

   To keep all that engine in check the control panel on the dash has 24 Autometer gauges. It also has 4 digital cameras for the driver to be able to see what's going on in front of Thor when it's on the move. Speaking of moving, the max speed is 130mpg/210 kmh. Not too bad for such a giant. But of course, at this scale, what's more important is how fast you stop not go! Maybe that's why there are four Simpson drag parachutes packed across the rear bumper ?!
   And just to make a little joke, because I tried so hard to stay away off the Mad Max-Transformers ones, if this was a magazine feature, for the side shots Thor should have been stretched out on to two pages!

   While the engine and the 24 zoomie headers are sure the delight of this monster, the paint couldn't be any less boring. All over you see, there are swords, axes, warriors, skulls or all together.
 Just a candy red paint with some flames might have been enough for some. For most. For me, okay ?! Let's just say it's an exaggeration that goes hand in hand with the power plant. But to be truly honest with you, I used to be a big Manowar and Hammerfall fan so...

   Not to mention that anything and everything on or under this rig is either chromed, polished or painted. Thor was painted in candy red by Brothers Auto Body, graphics and murals by SKC Customz and the old school pinstriping by Chris Snead. At the end of this article you can enjoy seeing the whole underneath of the truck in it's all shinny might and you'll be able to listen to it's big kitten purr. The cab was also custom modified. An 40 inches TV screen and a 1500 watts sound system were also fitted.

   It took Mike, Tim Spinks and Paul Abram seven (7!) years to build it and it costed 7 million dollars. It was sold at action last year for 13.2 million dollars. Not sure how often people on public roads in California will get to be terrorized in the rear mirrors by that massive 33 Ford grille but one thing is for sure... Child or grown up, Thor makes you smile and go wow!

Photo credit: Eric Geisert

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