Now here's something different from what I usually feature. Scooters ! 

    Last summer while I was located in Weston Super Mare, UK, I took a few trips down to the Lambretta Museum that is located right in the city center.
It's a small place (compared with other locations that have the ''museum'' tag name), but it's a great place to hang out and to see some cool vintage scooters, cool Lambretta and Vespa artwork and memorabilia.

     If the name Lambretta is a stranger to you, here are some key facts.
The name Lambretta originated from the river Lambro passing the district Lambrate, birth ground of the iconic Lambretta motor scooter. It is also derived from Lambrus, which means ‘light (in weight), quick, and nimble.

   Born from Innocenti’s struggling steel tubing factory in the Lambarte district of Milan in northern Italy, Lambretta rose to prominence as the vehicle of choice for the masses after World War II. It was a fun and reliable mode of transportation that was affordable, revolutionary in design and trendy, being available in six pastel colours. Adopted by the Mods in the 1960’s and ridden by many famous names, James Dean for one, Lambretta quickly became a legend. It was more than just a scooter – the brand was a fashion icon.

Oh Jessica...

    You meet the nicest people... on a Lambretta ?!

  But as small cars rose in popularity, demand for scooters fell. In 1997 Lambretta ceased production, before returning in 2017 with the new V-Special.(via the Lambretta website)
   I always had the feeling that while Vespa was a bit more feminine and a bit more ''rounded'', Lambretta is Italy's ''bad boy''; with it's art deco and streamline design and look.

   The Museum went up for sale in 2006 when Nigel Cox, the original collector and the founder of the museum, decided to retire. Stuart Lanning is the current owner and the curator of the museum. The location is also the home of Scooter Products, a supplier of unique scooter related products such as posters, stickers, patches and magazines.

 1947 A Model

 1954 F Model

1952 D Series 1

 1969 LUI 50CL

 Lambro FC 125 (1950-1952)

 Awesome Lambretta Li Cutaway Poster. 

   Chopper guy, Mod or Rocker, if you're around Weston in UK, this is definitely a place you should visit. Thank you to Stuart for his kindness and time!

The Lambretta Museum's adress is:
77 Alfred Street
BS23 1PP

 My favorite from the whole collection. 1952 LD (?!).

 I liked this Lambretta French LD poster so much, I took one home with me.

   For more information and other cool Lambretta stuff go to the Scooter Product's website, here.
More about Lambretta on their official page, here.

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