Eddie Trybula's 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air gasser.

Engine: 496ci big block Chev, Dart Big M block, Lunati rotating assembly, Dart rectangular port heads, 8-71 blower, Hilborn injection
Driveline: GM TH400 transmission, full manual valve body, trans brake, 3500rpm stall converter, Dana 60 diff, full spool, 4.5:1 gears
Suspension: Speedway Motors straight axle, parallel-leaf front, ladder-bar rear, Chev Vega steering box
Brakes: Wilwood discs and calipers
Wheels and tyres: 15x5-inch ET spoke front wheels, 15x14-inch Center Line rear wheels, 26x4.5x15 M/T front tyres, 32x14x15 Hoosierslicks
Exterior: Modified wheel arches, fibreglass tilt front, fibreglass boot lid, fibreglass rear bumper, custom airbrushing
Interior: Race seats, eight-point roll cage, Autometer tach, Cheetah air shifter, metal-bladed driver cooling fan

Performance: 1000hp and 1000lb·ft, 8.76 seconds at 156mph

   Photo credit and the full story via The Motorhood.

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