This chop took a bit of time to get featured here at dWrenched. But in my defense, I have chops on my waiting list for years, still, so...
Anyway, this one was put on the back burner thanks to a mix of my short memory issues, a bit of ADD (hahaha) mixed with Bob's late reply on Instagram.
   But I loved this hot rodded chop ever since I saw it in the Back Street Heroes Magazine, the September 2019 issue. The up swept exhaust combined with the Mooneyes covers and the flames paintjob is a great combo!

Ordinary Grease by Bobcat Bedders in UK.

1989 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200cc
1997 HD Sportster frame
TC Bros hardtail
chopped wassel tank
S&S Super E carb
Velocity stack air cleaner
Ultima ignition
One off exhaust and jockey shifter
one off Fat Bobbers oil tank
one off battery box
Bates style headlight and stoplight
70 Moto bars
Coke grips
Mooneyes covers for the rear wheel
Tropical Glitz Key Lime Pie with black flames by Ben Priestly

Photo credit Simon Everett.
Artwork by Matt Wilkins.

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