The minute I saw Dave Russell's Ford hot rod, dubbed Miss Vicky, I fell in love with it. The exaggerated angle of the chop job and that fat butt makes it stand out as a bit of a radical rod.
   The next move was to contact him for some details.

   The car is a 1931 Model A Victoria. Originally a leatherback, I converted it to a steel back. I also installed a 32 header and windshield, 32 cowl vent, chopped the top 2-1/4 inches and leaned the rear window panel forward about an inch. It’s on a 32 frame with transverse springs front and rear, and the drive train is a 1956 Chrysler 354 Hemi, a T5 and a 9 inch with a posi and 4.11 gears. I run black Steel wheels, 50 Mercury caps and wide whitewalls or mags on the front with black walls and pie crust slicks on the back.

Thank you Dave!
Art rendering by Carl Andre Giroux.

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