I'll let you know the secret of how most of these dWrenched features happen. Often, when I browse the net (read Instagram) when I find something that I like I immediately try to find out more about it. Could be a chopper,hot rod , artist or whatever I find interesting and I would like to feature.
    Complete disclosure, some of the people I contact come off a bit weird, acting like I'm about to steal their precious diamond. But most of the times, people are pretty rad and excited about it.
 It's the exact same scenario how this feature came about. Mason and Aaron were so cool about featuring this chop it got me that worm fuzzy feeling inside that still keeps me doing this.
   Cheers dudes!

   Mason's 1947 EL Knuckle chopper.

     It’s a 1947 EL motor I bought a few years back and pieced the bike together around that over a year. I had Melbourne legend John Treace build the motor for me. It’s in a 49 wishbone frame. 19” and 21” star hubs with mechanical brakes. In Aaron’s photos it’s got a VL I beam springer. Pipes, sissy bar, foot controls and various other things made by me. Molded tank by me and paint by Mitch Bailey.
   Thanks mate.

     You can check more of Mason Valentine Hensgen chopper on his Insta, here.
Make sure you check the awesome photography that Aaron Develyn of Flatstick Photography puts out online for everyone to enjoy from his sunny, Ozzie side. His Insta, here.

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