The Not the Euro Finals was held at Santa Pod Raceway two weeks ago, between 11-13 September.
The ''not'' in the title is because of the you-know-what. Even though the Euro competitors couldn't come down to the dragstrip for a weekend of nitro and burning rubber, the event was great, packed with a lot of racing action.
   From the Top Fuel Dragsters of the Uk Susanne Callin (the yellow one) and Antti Horto's (Finland) who shook the ground, to the roaring funny cars and the Nostalgia Dragsters, Super Comp, Super Pro, Super Gas, Outlaw Anglia, Eliminators; the agenda was full. Not to mention the motorcycles classes like Top Fuel, Funnies, Comp Bikes, Super Streets etc. I like them all but honestly, I love the nostalgia drags. They're so ''romantic'' yet brutal machines. I might also add the Jet Cars, yes, jet powered cars, who kicked you like a jackhammer in your chest whenever they made a pass. And made your ear drums vibrate, even when covered. What a vulgar yet beautiful display of power! 
   It was a hell of an event and I'm really happy the Santa Pod managing team set it up. And I'm really sorry if you missed it. I hope the photos and the video/s will bring some of the great vibes (and sounds) from the racetrack to your desktop. Enjoy!

    The ''Split Second'' Jet dragster. Powered by a Rolls Royce Viper engine, it produces apx 5000lbs of thrust. It's piloted by Julian Webb.

    5.92 at 238mph for Blown Bird team and their '57 Ford Thunderbird. Congrats!

     At the event, Hans-Henrick Thomsen from the True Cousins team from Denmark attempted to beat the existing world record on his electric drag bike, Silver Lightning. See the video below to find out if he succeeded. Podzilla, Santa Pod's monster truck also made an appearance. Oh man, the sound that beast makes... Terry Grant and Lee Bowers made a great stunt show when the strip wasn't roaring from thousands of galloping heavy metal horses. 

    Race ready.

    The Santa Pod's Fireforce 3. Designed, built and piloted by Martin Hill. A Pratt & Whitney derivative engine which was originally fitted to a Sikorsky Skycrane helicopter. It runs on diesel and kerosene, has a chromoly roll cage and it's body is based on a Chevrolet Lumina. 1/4 of a mile in 5.8 secs. 

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