It's been a long time since I featured a ''modern'' chop on dWrenched. And it's not because I'm a hater, not at all. The Knucks, Pans and Shovels are cool as hell, but a really nice customized /chopped Twin Cam or Evo can be just as cool. They are harder to come by. No fake elitist here.
    So I asked Carlos Henrique da Silveira from Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil to share with us the story of his Mornin' Star.

    In 2020 I began my new project called Crossbones Kustom Art and was decided to put in practice the Mornin' Star project that I had drafted for a long time in my mind. Using only the frame and the power train. Since I bought this machine seven years ago, I did some modifications but not like a big project, just changed the fuel tank, springer front end, fenders... So I did it on our family motorcycle garage (China Town V2) where I grew up and work with my parents.

     I started cutting the rear fender lowering it inside the frame to get that charm and look of hardtails. I also did the sissybar and the king and queen seat I have always dreamed of (?). The fuel tank was recycled from the Forty Eight Harley, changing its capacity to 10.3 liters. So I got more autonomy. The handlebar was designed for me and I eliminated the electrical switches.

    I was looking for some different pipes, something that nobody had. So I made these ''Square Pipes''. The bike received a suicide clutch/shift system all drawn and executed by me. After that I disassembled the whole bike to paint and chrome it.

   My biggest overcoming for me was the paint job since I never ever worked with flake and kandy. I used the theme of Snakes CD from our 'Mad Head Machine' stoner rock band. I used the classic paint brush, it's not transfer or decal.

      As you can see in the photos, Mornin' Star came out a stunner. What started out as a 2001 Heritage Classic Softail now it's a great interpretation of the long and skinny choppers of the 70's but with a beefy and reliable Harley engine inside the frame.
Great job Henrique!

You can follow Henrique on Instagram here and his Crossbones Kustom Art gig, here.
Thank you very much for the material and words H!

Photo credit: David Ribeiro

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