It’s a 1949 Hudson Super Six. I’ve owned the car for 22 years, and did all the work myself.

   Body wise, it’s chopped 2”, custom fender flares, smoothed and sectioned bumpers, Lincoln push buttons in the doors, custom grill, frenched headlights with extended front fenders, custom grill opening. Painted Buick Titian Red.

   It’s channeled over a stretched Ford chassis, 460/c6. Static drop. Full custom interior includes 53 Olds dash, Lincoln steering wheel. 

   After 20 years, it was finally done (in 2018). It's been a crazy project, especially considering I had no real experience with any of this before starting this project. Considering this car was built almost entirely in my garage, I'm extremely happy with how it's turned out. 

    My incredibly patient, talented, and understanding wife, Molly Kate, did the heavy lifting on the interior work. Headliner by Paul Reichlin and Sam Ferguson helped me with the beautiful paint job. 

    It was a pleasure to talk to Keith Brown about his long time project. Thank you Keith. 
Below is the same Hudson when Keith got it. It took him ''only'' 20 years to get it where it is now and what a marvelous job he did.
       What a commitment ! 

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