Winter dreams...
    In a way I'm still glad that somewhere, in many places around the globe, it's still winter. And snowy.  I've had this story in the pipeline for about a month now and thankfully, it's still ''relevent''. Taking a short breather from the ''real life'', just to bring some action into dWrenched, that I have neglected for quite some time... Mea culpa. 

   How this story came about, you ask ? Well, I noticed this beautiful contraption on the Biltwell Insta account and since I always want  to know more about cool and weird stuff, I contacted the builder for more. The photo above was posted in 2018 so I knew it was a long shot, but hey, Stefan Jonsson replied to me and pretty soon we got the (snow)ball rolling. Get it, snow ball ?! He he... 

   Yeah, I still got it... It was built from leftover parts I had in the garage :)

     A lot of lonely and long nights in the garage... But after about four months I had it running. 

   The engine is a 1200 Shovelhead and original modified gearbox, the rear end is from a old Polaris snowmobile... I made my own construction on the driveshaft. And moved it over to the right side with gears an chains. The fuel tank is from a old Rex army cycle. The front end is from a Russian sidecar motorcycle extended to apx. 1.8 meters. Hand cluth with hand gear because it was too hard to ride it with foot cluth.  The brake an brake disk are from an old Vespa. 

   It's no surprise for anyone that some of the most beautiful choppers come from Sweden, and Stefan's example is no exception. It's just ''a bit'' adapted to the man's needs, that's all! Great stuff Stefan and thank you very much for all the info and photos. 
Still waiting for a video of this orange beauty roaming free and noisy over the white plains of Klutmark !
     Stay tuned I might say (?). 


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