'57 Bel Air gasser. 

   ''When a '57 Chevy hit the for sale section in Shelton, CT, around 2011, Billy Hodosi jumped at the opportunity to bring the old 60s race car home. Billy always loved the look of that style, and having been into muscle cars his entire life, he figured there was nothing better than a big block 4spd '57 Chevy with a straight axle! While Billy was looking for more history of the Bel-Air, he saw it showed signs of racing on US30 in Indiana. There was even a US30 stick on the bumper. Billy was no stranger to old cars, having owned quite a few, but this was his first of this style! The inspiration for the build would be kept to the 60s/70s gasser style on the show car circuit. Billy tried to keep as much of the car as period correct as possible. He spent countless hours staring at old race car pics from that era to catch as much of the vibe as he could.

   Billy went through the Chevy from top to bottom. Taking the car apart revealed a story of what had been done over the years. The car had been a weekend warrior. The ’57 Olds rear 488 posi and ladder bars had been done a long time ago, and the wheel wells were cut during the same time. It was already set up for a big block and a 4spd, but those were long gone. The front suspension was still a stock style with ball joint spacers and heavy-duty springs. There were even paint markings on the fenders that said 396cu, which were very worn and faded. All the side glass was orange plexi, and the roll bar still had the Hobrecht decal on it. It was great to see the Chevy still had a lot of goodies from its glory days.'' 

Photography and quote via Car Kulture Deluxe #117.

Photo credit to Joshua Elzey. 

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