The feature you see here started off pretty unusual. After reposting a photo of a nice KMZ Dnepr high chopper on my Facebook profile from Easyriders Magazine (this one here), one of my Facebook friends, Brett Jose, commented with a video of his own. 

  The KMZ Dnepr motorcycles were basically Soviet Union WW2 copies of the BMW's R12 / R 75. It's quite rare to find one chopped old school and ratty. So immediately Brett's chop got my attention. Obviously I dug deeper...

  I know a guy here in Melbourne who was bringing in containers full of military side cars as knock down kits out of Ukraine. He had a bunch of spare parts laying around, and I saw the plunger frame hidden up in a rack. I knew I could do something cool with it. 
We worked out a deal that I would piece together a few bikes for him, and he would give me everything I needed to get this one sorted. 


   The build was guided by recycling parts already from the bike and some others that were laying around as parts are hard to come by here in Australia for these bikes. Original patina on frame and rear guard. New peanut tank painted by Mitch. Handlebar risers reversed, bars narrowed 2 inches. Speedo relocated. Dnper MT 10 front hub. Sissy bar used from the rear guard, which was shortened from the pivot point.

   Thanks a lot Brett, killer bike mate !

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