EAM Studios is Eddie Meeks's home. Him being a guitar maker, painter, sculptor, architect and engineer. No, that's all :) With this kind of resumee Eddie had to shock the custom bike world somehow. And he did. Building Quatum Leap. I don't know if you guys have seen that Tom Cruise movie featuring that red Lexus.  Minority Report. I didn't see the movie, just heard about the car. Anyway...in my perspective this bike could be the reply to that futuristic Lexus. But way more cooler. It's a front-wheel driven motorcycle. A huge 360mm tire is driven on the left side by a custom-machined and built shaft-drive setup. Right-side drive Baker transmission which he has custom built to take power from the back of the engine, up to under the seat, straight over the engine, into a shaft which runs vertically into the front swingarm where it turns again to go into the front wheel. Quatum Leap steers using the rear wheel. Brakes hidden in the hubs of the RMD Billet Wheels. He then gave it an internal twist-grip clutch and internal throttle.  Patrick Racing 1655cc V-twin. How's that for extreme engineering ?!

Photo credit : AEM / AMD.

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