Hardcore Choppers -US.

HC build this custom bike that features an Army P40 Warhawk "theme" paint job that I really think it's sweet. The high-tech girder front end goes very good with the ''speedster" wheels. In my own sick mind I associate the look of the wheels with the look of the propellers. 150 horsepower and 197 Nm of torque makes this custom bike somewhat fast :) Stuff like  aircraft quality wiring, handmade "two into one" stainless steel exhaust, and HC "speedster" bars with internal clutch and throttle brought this one into my attention. And the fact that this bike was built to go under the hammer in Las Vegas. Barret-Jackson Auctions took care of  that. On 23-25 September. All the benefits were givin away to support US military families. Jim Jones, donated the bike to the auction. And oh yeah, I almost forgot...the bike is signed by none other than US President Barack Obama. Along with autographs from Vice President Joe Biden and national security adviser James Jones.

Photo credit : Extravanagzi / Motor Extreme Blog / Autoevolution.

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