If you get tired of the look of your ol' lady in the garge you can always make it your own. Let's say that an ol' lady like that was an 1987 Honda Hurricane. Known also as the CBR 1000F. And you can treat it just like Ian McElroy treated his. I just have to add that because of the rear fender's design I thought that this project was made in Photoshop as a study. So after I convinced myself that this is pure real metal I've started to realize how can a small but effective designing idea make sucha impact. With the inspiration of the KTM RC8 in his head, Ian just went crazy with his project. The sheet metal is formed and welded in many angles and forms. Giving the stealth-fighter some muscles and bad-boy attitude.  130horse power, the DOHC, 998cc, 16 valve can back that up !

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