10.000+ !!!

Wow...dWRENCHED.COM reached 10.000+ views!

 I have to confess, that's something. In 3 (!) months only this website grew more and more, each and every day. Big thanks first of all to each and every one of you guys and gals who clicked http://www.dwrenched.com/A big freakin ''than you'' to Allen from Lady Hump, the guy who convinced me to strat up my own thing. How do you like me now, Allen ?! ;)
Big thanks to all my sponsors and guys who cooperated with me in bringing cool articles to the table. Really appreciate all of your input, fellas. And for that I thank you!

Some of the cool feedback I've got, either in the mail or spotted here'n there:

Lindsay F. (http://www.surface-dvd.com/) : ''If you are into Bikes, Hot Rods, Tattoos and some pretty badass Art check out this website!''

Will B.''A website with everything I love all bundled into one package??? Been waiting for this!''

Mike P. : ''I Love what yur doin on yur Website!!''

Eric HF : ''Blog is cool!''

Ron (http://flyinpiston.blogspot.com/) : ''Hey so I gotta admitt...your kicking ass on the blog.
You got great quality there week after week. Quality chops, quality girls and quality detail pics.''

...anyway, these are only a few messages that I kept for myself and now I post'em up because I have all those warm fuzzy feelings inside (lol) .
As long as you guys will still be into weird motorcycles, hot rods, tattooed chicks and kustom kulture, this website will still be alive and kicking and on it's right path !

Cheers ma friends !!!


  1. The girl above gives me a warm feeling inside!

    Congrats, this is a nice blog and is in my daily checklist.

  2. Pupuslinger...you rule man. Thank you so much for the cool feedback. Really appreciate it! Damn, you my day!

  3. WOW~ wish I knew about this sooner, but I'm glad I do now! Respect.


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