I contacted the guy who did this project. It is truly dWRENCHED so I'm eager to find out more. Stay tuned and we'll find out if the builder is willing to share some more infos and personal input!

From the video's description, I quote :

''I build this bike just to see if i can, it not meant to be street legal. It's just low budget bike that cost about 800 dollars. Everything I made myself except engine, rims and tires. Every aluminium part was scrap aluminium which I melt and pour into moulds, including frame and fork. Parts was machined on small chinese lathe. No paint. No weld, just bolts. No rear suspension. Seat is made of leaf spring looks spartan, but is very comfortable. Gas tank is made of glass bottle (Perrier 75cl). Wheels ale 21''. Engine is from wfm 125''

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