dWRENCHED (from the vault)

From The Vault I've decided to bring out something very cool, again. You can admit it out loud or live in denial but Jesse James was and still is one of the biggest influences in the chopper bike scene. He didn't reinvented the wheel or the chopper for that matter. But bringing the cool smooth, clean and mean simple chopper look in the mainstream again was one of his inspired good deeds. Hand made in the (Strong) Long Beach, Cali.
Many cool designs and hand made choppers rolled out of the (Ex)West Coast Choppers shop.
While a lot of so-called chopper enthusiasts still don't know how to make the difference between a softail and a hartail consider JJ's work ''all the same and boring'' , some of his projects could shut those mouths with no replica. None, at all.

Radial Hell is one of them. This bike has the level of coolness almost up to 110%+ ! And really now, just look at it...how can you say that this is not something special and dWRENCHED huh ?!
''The day Russell Ballentine bought an Australian-built 7-cylinder Rotec radial aircraft engine at an air show in Oshkosh, a dream was born. After acquiring a few more parts and modifying the engine, Ballentine brought his design to West Coast Choppers and enlisted Jesse James to build a prototype. Thus the outrageous Radial Hell cycle came to be''  -Jay Leno

Photo credit, quote and video by Jay Leno's Garage .

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