It's not a secret that rat rods are far more hardcore then hot rods. Just stating the obvious. Don't get me wrong, I love hot rods, but the rats are far more dangerous and....evil ?
As soon as I crossed my eyes upon a picture of this awesome rat rod truck only one thought crossed my mind... I have to know and see more. Did that and got everything I wanted right from the source. Scott, it's owner, was kind enough to help me out. The shit (yeah ''the shit'''s my website so I get to run my mouth however I want :) ) goes down like this: the rat is a 1950 Ford F1 on a S10 frame.  Ford 8.8 rear end with disc brakes on all 4 corners. Air ride with Firestone bags and 2 Viar compressors.

Now we're getting to the cool stuff. What's in the mail son, you ask ? Cause, if you didn't notice there's a mail box sitting on top of the engine. Ha, how cool is that ?! That's just the cherry on top of the cake. In the mail we have a d-stroked Chevy small block.  Power windows.
''The bed is custom built from the wood siding off of a bar in town that was being remodeled and me and a buddy pulled it out of the dumpster.  Took me and a few buddies about a year to build and its been done for 2 years.'' -says Scott.
Not to mention that the rat truck has that tuff  ''don't stare at me too long or I might eat you alive'' attitude...
       Well Scott buddy...rat it all out; burn it all out !!!

Many thanks to Scott for his help an input regarding this article, Scott you rule!

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