Szakal Árpád is one dedicated and passionate gearhead. From Budapest/Hungary. His shop is called Art Deco Motorcycling and there is the place where he turns these old Polish bikes into these gorgeous custom motorcycles. Junak’s , mostly. Árpád is also a three-time winner of the Hungarian Custom Championship.

This one below really stuck with me . I always wanted to share it with the rest of the world somehow...and here I am finally doing just that.
Gorgeous motorcycle, beautifullly done details and very impresive craftmanship. Exact the same thing I can say for the other two ADM creations.

''Eiffel álma'' -Eiffel's Dream 
NSU OSL251, probably Szentesi boat (?).

''Furge'' -Agile . 
100% hand built by Szakal. Unknown origin of the powerplant... The 125cmc engine comes from some sort of a wrecked agricultural machine. 

Photo credit : ADM, Wild .

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