Ok ...so everybody knows that Harley's V-ROD is not the most loved bike ever made by the factory from Milwaukee. Maybe because it's engine, Revolution, is the first one ever made by HD which is liquid-cooled. And was developed with the help of the engineers from Porshe. 2 reasons strong enought for the pure-breeded not to be so happy about this model. But you already know that, right ? Like you already know that the liquid-cooled engines are the way to go from now on (?). Nevermind that...

Beside Fred Kodlin's V-rod custombike  The F-Rod no other bike with a Revo engine caught my attention like this one below.

Built by Odyssey Motorcycles from France, this custom bike really got me thinking. It's a very fine mix between the high tech design and some real musle pedigree. And when I say high tech stuff I mean carbon body and open loop frame (so no steering head ). The 1125 cmc Revo engine revs 115hp's so I think that the ''power'' chapter is checked out. Back in 2010 when this one was built, it was named X-Rod Odyssey. Cool name for a cool bike.

The rear section the part I love most about this custom. Thanks to the rear section I did remembered this one in the first place! I just love the way how the carbon pipes rise up and how, with the hawky lookin tailend forms some sort of cool rear fender. For the big rubber underneath. So damn cool !     

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