Big Ned is one crazy montersbike... Built by Mark Walker, an engineering genius.  This self taught engineer did all his designs and schematics straight out of his head. He's like Batman of the dWRENCHED custombikes ! I know that this project is not exacly the hottest one (in fact, it's kinda classic; being built in 2008). But I don't know who saw what and when. So I try to cover the Earth's greatest and wildest custombikes as good as I can. 'Cause this is their home.  Because THIS IS dWRENCHED.COM ! (not Sparta hahaha)
Big Ned  and Mark deserve tons of wow's. This is truly an incredible piece.

3000 cmc transversal V-Twin !!! Nitro injection and rotating valves. Aeronautics geeky stuff. The bike's name comes from Ned Kelly (<-wiki link), the australian villain who used to wear his homemade armour when he was on the loose!
Mark, you have my respect!

Photo credit : One Day Tech

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