The winner of the 1st place in Burapa Bike Week 2012. Ladies and gents, I introduce you The Hubless Bike from Hot Rod Pattaya.

With the risk of being labeled a douchebag (what are you gonna do, eh ?) I have to admit that when I first saw this pic of this bike I thought it's Fred Kodlin's Hubless bike in the raw.  At the better view my poor judgement was once again revised.

The biggest part that distinguishes these two amazing bikes is the front end, mainly. While they both looks AWESOME, HRP's is more mechanical...more ''chopperish''. Custom one off frame and handlebars. Also digging the rear claw shaped swing arm.
Evo stock Harley engine with short pipes.

Can't wait to see it painted!

Many thanks go out to Ron @ Flying Piston for his input!

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  1. I don't get the whole hub less bike deal, but that one is cool, I am really diggin the front suspension.


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