I'n not a very big fan of the Cafe Racers. I think I said it before. Also, I really hate fairings. But...cause everything has a ''but(t)'' in this world, a few Cafes really got me dreaming.
This is one of those hahaha. And it has a fairing too ! Go figure...

Built by Phantom Gate from Japan, this bike really is awesome. Not to mention the overall look (killer by the way) , but also the details. The fairing fits perfect and the whole project looks like one big cool piece. The gas pipe is also beautifully integrated. Everything sits where it should.

This used to be a 2001 Harley FXDX Super Glide Sport. You don't see many of these looking as hot at this one thought. Stuff like the engine covers, the clip-ons or the small blacky fairing makes it look like it was built for one purpose. The whole cockpit dashboard look-a-like makes that same impression. This one was built for SPEED.

Amazing stuff.

Photo credit : VirginHarley.com

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