Not everything in life has to be complicated. So why would motorcycles be an exception ? Choppers mainly.
We all know that less is sometimes more and simpler is often cooler.

Nevada Dream is one of the Hedkase Cycles's cool chopps. It's a 1984 Yamaha XS 400 twin cylinder YICS motor.
Brock Dunlop, the man behind Hedcase, shared the bike's story with me. While he was working on his Kawasaki KZ 305 , one friend of his, Kurt, also got the chopping fever. So the hunt for two cylinder metrics began. They found one in an impound lot.

''There she was with flat tires, dead battery, methhead modifications, and a stuck front brake. Kurt was nervous but I talked him into just seeing the motor and not everything else. We jumped it with the truck to make sure it would turn over on its own free will. And then we loaded her up. I have never seen someone smile like he was! Two and a half months later the Nevada dream was terrorizing the streets of Phoenix.''

The Nevada Dream rides on KZ 350 wheels. It has a Honda gas tank. 1989 Toyota 4 Runner suspension that ''made that hardtail feel like a Cadillac'' .
The Seirra Nevada Tap shifter is a great addtion to the whole project and it works great with the leather work. Done by Kurt himself.

''The rest of the parts where swap meet finds. It was a fun build.''

It sure does look like a fun ride Broke! I really dig this one cause it screams ride RIDE RIDE !!! I love that about a bike.

Check out Hedkase Cycles's work HERE . Big thanks to Brock for his help and input !

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