Gates Performance 154″ monster. Interesting enought for you ?...check it :


     ''Work had started on the first complete prototype Gates Performance engine by mid 2003. Greg (Gates of Gates Performance ) decided to stick with the conventional 45 degree cylinder angle, but to not be hampered by the height restriction to make the engine fit in a stock chassis. This would allow him to run the steep valve angle, giant cylinder bore and the long connecting rods necessary to make then unattainable horsepower and torque numbers, but still maintain the visual appearance and exhaust note that everybody loves. This engine was also the impetus for Bert Baker to develop the Torquebox transmission to harness the giant billet mill’s incredible output.

     Lots of trial and error and hard work were ahead. The Gates’ team worked for months to develop the fixtures and procedures to assemble the press together flywheels, trying many different heat treatment and press fit specifications, but it finally paid off.  The first 158” prototype was fired in 2006 and went to Bonneville in 2007 in “Toots” Ellard’s chassis  with a prototype BAKER Torquebox, and set a record of 172 mph. At that point, the team was hooked on land speed record racing.

     Greg’s next engine was a 154” carbureted version sporting a 4.625” stroke, and 4.600” bore and dual 48mm Mikuni Carburetors. After initially firing the beast, the Gates team decided that a “test” chassis was necessary for dyno tuning, etc. They quickly whipped up a simple but strong rigid frame reminiscent of a factory H-D rigid frame, but with additional engine room and strength. Final specs were 32 degree rake and 69” wheelbase, wide glide H-D front end with 21” front wheel and 17” rear wheel, mild steel D.O.M. tubing. Initially, it was just a “dyno mule” with no brakes, lights, or creature comforts, but of course, they figured WTF? and added those items just for good measure. Of course, it eventually found itself on the street (late at night) for some “real world” testing. At the same time, the team developed an open belt drive and clutch based on the venerable Chrysler Torqueflite 727 transmission, one of the most bulletproof transmissions of the musclecar era. This unit, coupled with an off the shelf BAKER OD6 transmission has proven to be trouble free. At Bonneville in 2009 with pilot Sean McAvoy aboard, a record of 172 mph in the mp 3000 cc unstreamlined class was set. This machine, Wheezer is the one you see featured in this article.

     Greg believes that Bonneville testing really trickles down to long life in a street application.

200hp and 200 Ft. Lbs. of torque with throttle controlled wheelspin...DAMN !

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