Check out my buddy's Ghost daily ride. 1953 Chevrolet 3100. A true showpiece in many ways , he says. WICKED !

     The story goes out like this :

   ''This is not just another rat ride with great patina. 
As you notice in the pictures, this was a Sheet metal workers truck that came from just over the river in downtown St. Louis MO. 
   The truck has a very special bed. The KNOX bed company made the bed. In the Midwest, these beds where known for there durability. Typically they where only found on International trucks but they did built them for all others. 
   This original Illinois native is not just about looks and past though, it truly drives like a completely restored show truck due to the fact it now has a complete make over under its skin. To start with the entire chassis has been replaced with a late model S-10 chassis that consist of an A arm type suspension. This swap made the truck handle like a modern day car. At the same time the brakes were updated from drum to power disc. 
   The steering was also converted from manual to power. As far as drive train, it is now equipped with a small block Chevy V-8 with all new goodies including S-10 style headers with dual exhaust and a huge aluminum radiator. Behind the engine is a 4 speed automatic 700R. With this complete overhaul, it makes the truck a true pleasure to drive and not a work out. It also allows the truck to be driven to any show, even in another state with a piece of mind knowing that there will be no issues.

   During the build there was many other things completed. The fuel tank behind the seat was removed and a polyethylene tank was mounted under the bed section. To fill the tank an antique fuel can was mounted in the bed and with a simple pull of the handle the gas can be filled through the old can right into the new tank. 

   The entire wiring harness was also replaced with a whole new system using a much more modern fuse type block. The original steering column was replaced by a newer GM tilt style along with the seat. There was also a Gennie shifter and a set of hot rod gages installed. 
   At this point of the trucks life, she is ready to have some fun. It’s a definite head jerker and also a smile creator.'' 


RIDE HER HARD, RIDE HER SAFE BRO ! The only thing that's missing is a dWRENCHED sticker slapped around the window or something. Fixing that right now... ;)
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