I remember one good chopper friend of mine saying that Ducati's are beautiful bikes and you can't chopp'em up cause you'll mess up their beauty and flavour. I never had a problem with that statement...untill now. Houston...we have a problem !

   It's simply beautiful. The suspension complications kinda pop up and screams at your retina and I think that only a proper gearhead could and would apprecite'em.

   This DUCATI 900 SS was modified by Bernard Mont and called it TT3 Difazio.
It's mainly a tribute-bike to commemorate Bernard's passion and love regarding the hub center steering invented by Jack Difazio. Unfortunately, Jack died this year (RIP).

   It took Bernard seven years to complete the bike. With lots of modifications like shortening the frame, custom subframe and modded engine.

  Short fairing in the TT style for a bit of class.  The front wheel that got the Difazio treatment comes from a Moto Guzzi V 11. The rear was also redesigned by Bernard.
    Aermacchi cafe racer style tail. Lazer GP pipes and SuperTrapp short mufflers.

     Needless to say, this is not your average American-Chopper-couch-potato favorite bike... Thank God !  (No disrespect intended what so ever:) )
Clearly this is not something that you could see parked in any given Sunday in front of your daily coffee shop. It's a motorcycling jewelry that I'd love to ride only to see how that hub steering handles...and 'cause it looks so cool!  

Bernard's blog
Photography by TBS


  1. Good find. Thanks for the nice write up. Been looking for more info on this bike lately. I'm a bit of a hub center geek and there's an Awesome bit of work into this one.

  2. Thanks for the comment and for your interest ! If you're building something cool or interesting please drop us an email @ dwrenched@gmail.com I'm a gearhead geek myslef too you know...hahaha

  3. Kind comments about my bike, thks .. fyi i am starting to build a second Difazio SS, for the beauty of it, and the fun..

    Bernard mont

  4. Ain't that a HUGE surprise ?! Thanks Bernard, we'll keep our eyes on your new project...have fun !


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