Considering the fact that this 2012 is almost set and gone I feel the urge to say Thank you to some of you guys out there...

  First of all I'd like to thank myself (lol I know that's just lame) for having the inspiration of coming up with dWRENCHED.com . And considering the stats and numbers it looks like I'm not the only one that got ''dwrenchized''  ! This blog/website (whatever...) is my way of supporting the custom culture scene. By posting artists work and making them known (...). As long as it's custom and a bit weird they will always feel like home here. Artists working on canvas and on the english wheel alike...
 Just like my buddy Jc Coen from 32- Choppers says ''contribute to the culture...don't expoit it''.  I think that dWrenched.com is my answer to that statement. Sort of...

   Many thanks go out to Dave and the whole PJ's crew for choosing dWRENCHED to be their ''internet correspondent'' for their Bonneville 2012 adventures. I tell ya...to have something I've created from nothing present at the most legendary racing track in the world is something wild. To have that name sticked to AN ACTUAL BONNEVILLE RACING BIKE is something insane !
 The story HERE
The updated story...in this dW SPECIAL

      Thanks to Ron(o) over at Flying Piston for his help along the way and for ''inventing'' the Chopper INDEX . For including me in that at the same time.
   Many thanks go to Matt from Wrecked Metals for being a great friend and for building some of the coolest traditional hot rods and choppers since...EVER.
     And this part I hate the most cause I think I have a.d.d or some shit and I will forget most of the names and oh crap... Big thanks to Mark Davis, Frank Foster, Eric Half-Fast, Shawn Murphy and Grant McKean my aussietralian buddies, Travis Furness via  Gear Jammers , my fuckin german friends Lutz and Rudi... Poop and many many others ...Also thanks to my buddy Mark from Joyriders Art Co. for shooting in his killah style some of the coolest wheeled toys.
 Scott from Chemical Candy for doing his crazy paint wowza thingy... And the list goes on and on...

     Aaaand last but certanly not least... A BIG THANK YOU to the guys'n gals who bought the dWRENCHED stickers as a sign or love'n support. Really appreciate it guys ! It means a lot to me and I know you also bought'em 'cause they are fucking cool !
 You can still do that...support I mean...by clicking this LINK 

  Be safe out there, while riding, cruising or doing your own shit and remember to be thankful from time to time for what you already have and what you already achieved ! 


  1. Thanks too, for a fuckin awesome blog!. Regards Rudi

  2. Have a awesome new year my friend! Great site!

  3. Appreciate your comment Scott, thank you ! And a great new year 2u2 !!!

  4. Hi G, thank you for all your hard work in keeping the blog fresh & exciting to log on too.
    It is our honor to have the dWRENCHED stickers on our salt bike, & thank you for including us in your blog.
    Lets see dWRENCHED grow even more in 2013.
    Safe roads to you & all fellow dWRENCHED followers & contirbutors.

  5. Thank you Dave, your comment means a lot to me !!!

  6. thanks G for what you do! 2012 was a good year for me personally, highlights of which included finding a good friend across the world, and this cool ass blog. youdaman, G!

  7. Same here Poop, thanks for your support and for being a freakin' cool friend !


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