Do you remember my friends when I said that the British 2012 Bonneville Racing Teams were followed by BBC for a documentary ? Well, are you ready ?!

     ''Bill Nighy narrates a story about how every year thousands of petrol heads descend upon a dried up salt lake bed in Bonneville, Utah. Men from all over the world come to this truly unique setting with their bespoke vehicles - they all have just one plan, to drive them as fast as they can and hopefully join an elite group: the fastest men on earth.

     This is a story of a group of British amateur engineers who are willing to risk life and limb on their home made machines - six very different vehicles, six very different reasons for coming - all building speed machines in a quest to hold a Bonneville record.

     The first episode looks at the men behind the machines and this obsession. Men such as Dave and Steve who have built a bike from scratch, self-confessed metal head PJ who brings a whole new meaning to bringing your work home with you and Chris, Great Yarmouth's beach cleaner and legendary bike builder. The film ends with them arriving with their machines at this breath taking landscape ready to find out if they can become members of an elite group: the fastest men on earth.

     Actually, Dave Friend gave us a few details about the BBC team if you remember... In the first part of this crazy story, click here (for those who forgot) . The updated story and some superb videos here .
 A few days ago, Dave also sent me some infos about the event. Seconds after, I managed to collect all the information needed for this update. So it looks like we'll be seeing our heroes in action SOON !

Here's the shedule for the upcoming episodes : 

 So make sure you'll tune in and witness the adventures of some really special Gear-Heads I'm proud to call my friends. Make sure you'll check the BBC2 link below the article for more airing details. I REALLY CAN'T WAIT !

 'Till then, here are some cool stuff for you to enjoy :)

Photo credit along with many many thanks go out to David Dickerson.

UPDATE 04.01.2013 
 *capture from the BBC website 

*for the full experience stop whatever the fuck you're doing, kick back, relax, hit fullscreen and HD. ENJOY


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