Just found this one...pretty rad.

 Found it on Bike Shop... the Romanian Craigslist. Not much crazy building here, more head scratchin' I guess.  The owner went his crazy way with this '94 Ducati Monster. I think he got tired of how the bike looked stock and maybe inspired by some RK Concepts he decided to do something dWrenched about it.
   I really don't know who will buy it though, something like this is not on your average biker Joe's desires and expectacions. The bike is registered, don't know if ''as is'' or since it was in a stock shape. 5000 Euros (6G's in $) asking price...

 I've seen a few Ducati choppers...and I rest my case on those. But this one looks like it belongs in the movie  I Robot .
Not much plastic remained on the bike, just the stock dash and headlight ?
   So you have a tubular frame, wheels and a tiny tiny seat. What more do you need ?! Hahaha

Here's the original ad

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